Tastes & Cultures of India
Experience the Journey to Exotic India
Saturday, September 22nd, 2018
Central Park - Naperville Downtown
 - Confluence of Indian Classical Dance Traditions:Bharat Natyam, Kathak, Kuchipuri, Odissi,          Mohiniyattam, and much more..

-   Tastes of India: Enjoy the flavours from North, South, East, and West coast of India.

-   Folk dances Competition from different states of India: States such as Punjab, Uttar                    Pradesh, Gujrat, West Bangal, Karnatka, Maharashtra, Madya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Kerala,        Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Tamilnadu, Goa, Konkani, and Many more...First and              Second Place winner will be awarded with a Trophy. Please register bt September 8th, 2017      on Forms Tab and upload your video or music.

-  Indian Bands & Instrumental: Enter to show your talent (Singing, Instruments, Dancing). All       entries must be received by September 8th. Please go to Forms tab and upload your video       or music.

-  Rangoli contest: Rangoli Event will be open to any kids age 5+. There will be no competition       for little ones but all the kids can come and enjoy this colorful and beautiful festival. They         will get 12" x 12" tile with premade design, they will glue and color the Rangoli and even get     a chance to take it home to show off their friends. You can submit your intent using enroll         tab. Rangoli Competition will be hosted for kids 12+ and they will get 12" x 12" tile, glue and     color. Contest will be during 12 pm to 3 pm. No pre-design template will be provided.                 Allotted time to complete the pattern will be 30 minutes. Winners will be formally                       recognized with a token of appreciation on the stage. You can submit your intent using             enroll tab. Participants can either take their art work with them or donate it to Simply Vedic       for sale at the festival.

-  Sari workshop: Learn how to wear a traditional sari

-  Children's Corner: Engage your child in Art & Craft arranged by our Youth Volunteers

-  Activities for family: Food demo, human size cut outs for selfie, Henna tattoos, Boutique &         traditional jewelry shops, Yoga & Ayurveda supplies books & more